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Nighttime run? It is not a problem. For your safety you choose the led for shoes SBS. A lot of people, for duty or to like, running in the evening: the SBS accessory is very useful. The Runner Shoes safety allows you to race in all safety, in this way the pirates of the road see you. You can choose two different types of illumination and the battery life it is up to 100 hours of use with flashing light.

- Flashing light mode 100 hours
- Fixed light mode 70 hours
- Two different life modes

Product Features

Technical Specifications SBS TTLIGHTCLIP


Product Details


GTIN 8018417209116

Release Date 13.10.2015

Colour Green, Black

Manufacturer Part Number TTLIGHTCLIP

SBS TTLIGHTCLIP Athletic Shoe Accessory Green Black


This product is unfortunately out of stock!
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This product is unfortunately out of stock!