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CD 1


We See The Heavens With Our Eyes (The Fifth Century) (09:48) McAllister/Young/Levy/Sullivan/Nally


As Sure As There Is A Space Infinite (The Fifth Century) (05:37) McAllister/Young/Levy/Sullivan/Nally


Infinity Of Space Is Like A Painter's Table (The Fifth Century) (03:54) McAllister/Young/Levy/Sullivan/Nally


Eternity Is A Mysterious Absence Of Times And Ages (The Fifth Century) (06:43) McAllister/Young/Levy/Sullivan/Nally


Eternity Magnifies Our Joys Exceedingly (The Fifth Century) (03:18) McAllister/Young/Levy/Sullivan/Nally


His Omnipresence Is Our Field Of Joys (The Fifth Century) (05:51) McAllister/Young/Levy/Sullivan/Nally


Our Bridegroom And Our King Being Everywhere (The Fifth Century) (07:14) McAllister/Young/Levy/Sullivan/Nally


"Io amai sempre" (Two Love Songs) (04:00) McAllister/Young/Levy/Sullivan/Nally


"Solo et pensoso" (Two Love Songs) (03:47) McAllister/Young/Levy/Sullivan/Nally


Gavin Bryars has written a good deal of music in minimalist styles, but he makes room for a good deal of expressivity. He has not written much choral music, but this ECM release may make his fans wish he had written more. He emerges here as a kind of British counterpart to Arvo Pärt, with similarly spiritual and mystical leanings. The title The Fifth Century refers to the texts used in the seven-section work, which come from a series of prose poems entitled Centuries of Meditations by the 17th century English mystical poet Thomas Traherne; the texts here are drawn from the fifth volume. Many of the texts suggest a contemplation of eternity, and they're quite compelling ("Like the sun we dart our rays before us, and occupy those spaces with light and contemplation which we move towards, but possess not with our bodies"). Around the peaceful a cappella settings of these words, a saxophone quartet winds counterpoint and preludes. The work was commissioned by the small choir heard here, called The Crossing, and it would be hard to imagine a more sympathetic performance. Those new to Bryars could start with the Italian-language Two Love Songs, for a three-part female choir (or solo singers), which presents the spare, yet deeply emotional quality of Bryars' music in compact form. As usual with ECM, the sound engineers are among the stars of the show; their work on The Fifth Century, at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, is especially enchanting. ~ James Manheim


Author Gavin Bryars

Composer Gavin Bryars

Artist Young

Artist Sullivan

Artist McAllister

Artist Levy

Artist Donald Nally

Artist Prism Quartet

Label ECM New Series

Artist The Crossing

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GTIN 0028948144952

Release Date 18.11.2016

Amount of Discs 1

Language English

Product type CD

Track Count 9

Dimension 5.63 x 4.96 x 0.39  inches

Product Weight 4.23 ounces

Gavin Bryars: The Fifth Century



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