Timeless Emotions

by Maxx
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Maxx Timeless Emotions
Maxx - Timeless Emotions
Maxx - Timeless Emotions

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Maxx piano earthtones - Biography Creative Fruits of Labor Blossoms in the Big Apple New York City has always been laden with talented artists and composers. The Big Apple's blossoms have always provided a bounty of fruit in the form of well trained and extremely talented musicians. Max Sneddon (Maxx) is no exception. His brilliant compositions are finally coming to fruition as he releases his first project entitled, Timeless Emotions. Max was born and raised in New York City and it was at the age of only six that he began to play piano. This training continued until he was the age of twelve. By this time, Max was well rooted in his love of piano and composition. It was while he was on the edge of his teens that Max chose to chase other dreams. He would temporarily put the piano aside to follow other paths in his life. It would be another twenty years until Sneddon rediscovered his love of piano and writing music. The seed was planted in the Big Apple, but the creativity lay dormant for years ... and it would be transplanted. The Blossom Blows Westward During this twenty year absence from piano, Max relocated to the mountains of Colorado, where he has now been living for over seventeen years. It was in the picaresque terrain of the Colorado Mountains that his love of piano and composition begin to stir again. The catalyst for this return to creativity was the loss of a loved one. This loss was a turning point in Max's life. Now, at the age of thirty-two, Max learned that he could channel his emotions to reach out and touch souls - whether to heal or inspire. Max describes his inspiration for his music as the ability to "... tap into my core emotions and from their, all the songs are written." Max continues, "The thing I love most about performing is the chance to touch someone deeply, even if just for a moment." While Max has now been performing professionally for only three years, he loves the challenge and the chance to grow as a composer. The transplant from the Big Apple has accomplished this. The creative blossom from the Big Apple now continues to grow healthily in an area of the country as beautiful and serene as his compositions. It is now harvest time for this talented composer. His first project Timeless Emotions is complete. The First Harvest: Timeless Emotions The culmination of years of preparation was cathartic for Sneddon in his first release Timeless Emotions. Max says, "The greatest moment for me was hearing the album after it was mastered in the studio ... for me that will never be outdone." Max plans to touch as many souls as possible with his first release and plans to do a collection series of three or four additional albums over the next five years. He will use the internet and the age of digital distribution to reach as many listeners as possible. These listeners will soon be fans, and they are in for a treat - as this first harvest is an amazing work. Timeless Emotions is a six track album featuring all original compositions by Max Sneddon. It's as dynamic, moving and evocative as New York City, but also as beautiful, soothing and serene as the Colorado Mountains. Max presents melodies that seem to come straight from his heart such as the first track "Fearless." Fearless opens the six tracks with an up-tempo classical piano sound with a style reminiscent of the great New Age compositions. "The Gala" follows with a slower, more relaxing feel and stands up to artists like Enya easily. Track three, "The Stand", adds some bass and woodwind, and a bit of percussion to an incredible piano solo which shows influences from such artists as George Winston. The last two tracks on Timeless Emotions are "Far and Away" and "Farewell" these two tracks immerse the listener with enchanting melodies and masterful piano playing. Max's first album release is a dazzling and incredible display of talent. The first harvest is a good one, and there are sure to be many more to follow. The Next Season? Max continues to prepare more compositions to follow Timeless Emotions in what will be a collection of works. He also is planning to work closely with fundraising for animal awareness. He is planning a black tie gala to raise funds to help felines at the Grand Vista Hotel in Junction, Colorado. Max continues to see his creativity and compositions of the past years come to fruition. He has a passion for music and has created a beautiful work in Timeless Emotions. Max states "To do one thing well is a great accomplishment, be patient and passion will remain." He has surely accomplished this. From the patience of nurturing a talent from the age of six, Max has taken his art and grown it into something all of us may share. Somewhere high in the Colorado Mountains, Max is composing new material. The next season is sure to yield more music that will move your soul and touch your heart. This transplant from the "Big Apple" has blossomed, and the fruits of his labors are aged to perfection.


CD 1


Fearless (05:21) - Maxx


Gala (03:52) - Maxx


Stand (03:45) - Maxx


From Within (06:12) - Maxx


Far and Away (04:13) - Maxx


Farewell (03:12) - Maxx

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Audio CD

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July 24, 2007
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