Coming Home

by Lynnette Suzanne
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Lynnette Suzanne Coming Home
Lynnette Suzanne - Coming Home

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Lynnette Suzanne is proud to offer, "Coming Home", her first album featuring some of her favorite instruments: the Native American Flute and West African Drums. She enjoys playing and performing on these instruments with the Sehwe Village Percussion group and as a solo artist. For Lynnette these instruments best express her journey of searching for something, getting out there in the mix, discovering new life lessons and ways of being, getting pulled under, getting lost, finding your way back home to yourself, and celebrating the whole crazy journey. Coming Home is a very personal CD and was created during her journey through grief after losing her brother, Keith, in September of 2005. Anyone who has been through a loss of any kind will find moments that speak to them particularly in some of the solo Native American Flute tracks. However, the album is not solemn but often very uplifting with it's infusion of African Drumming and the life affirming rhythms of West Africa. The Native American Flute is sometimes featured alone with it's evocative, mysterious beauty that soothes and captivates. At other times, the Native American Flute is accompanied and supported by the stimulating rhythms of West Africa on the Dundun, Sangban, and Kenkeni set. Both the flutes and the drums are made with natural woods, skins, and by skilled loving hands. Along the journey the listener also encounters bells, doumbek, rain, thunder, shakers, and even an electric bass. For some tracks you may simply want to be still and listen. There will also be moments where you feel the pull to move, stretch, dance and play along. Yet other times you may feel the urge to take color to paper or canvas and draw or paint your experience. It is Lynnette's hope that you will let the music join you in embracing your own unique journey, honoring whatever you are experiencing and creating in your own life.


CD 1


Into Being (06:30) - Lynnette Suzanne


Starting Out (07:43) - Lynnette Suzanne


Storm (08:45) - Lynnette Suzanne


In the Mix (06:49) - Lynnette Suzanne


Player (04:30) - Lynnette Suzanne


Happy Kuku (04:04) - Lynnette Suzanne


Going Under (03:07) - Lynnette Suzanne


Lost (04:54) - Lynnette Suzanne


Coming Home (05:06) - Lynnette Suzanne


Celebrate Being (04:28) - Lynnette Suzanne

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Lynnette Suzanne
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Audio CD

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February 13, 2007
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