Soul Sounds

by Jennifer Posada
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Jennifer Posada Soul Sounds
Jennifer Posada - Soul Sounds

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Oracle and Sound Healer Jennifer Posada has had the gift of direct revelation since early childhood, bringing forth both sound and verbal transmissions from ancient mystical traditions to current and newly emerging energy systems. Jennifer's teachings always focus on the completeness and wisdom we each carry within, affirming that by loving ourselves we discover spontaneous healing. Jennifer Posada works with clients around the world, offering intuitive guidance and the healing power of sound to individuals and groups. Drawing from ten years of study in 15 countries, Jennifer distills a great richness into something accessible to all of us. Jennifer offers workshops and classes in the Pacific Northwest as well as personal readings in person and by phone world wide. About Soul Sounds: Oracle, sound healer channel, writer and lecturer, Jennifer Posada takes us on a journey of pure sacred sound and bliss. In her voice the dieties of the inner realm find the place to express a timeless message: that we are all creators of ultimate beauty and joy. Jennifer opens our hearts so we can receive the blessings of those who guide our paths upon this Earth, inviting our souls to celebrate the radiant essence of our existence. "If these songs offer a sense of loving comfort, I am greatly honored and fulfilled. If they offer the sense of being guided and held, I am overjoyed. And if they give you just a glimpse of the amazing star that you are, I am ecstatic. The gifts that I have been given are gifts that each of us have to offer in our own unique way. We are all oracles, angels and artists. Here is to the special light that shines only from you." - Jennifer Luna Posada.


CD 1


Hymn To Madrona Point (04:52) - Jennifer Posada


In the Wings of Isis (03:58) - Jennifer Posada


Healing Waters of Quan Yin (04:01) - Jennifer Posada


Song of Sothis (04:58) - Jennifer Posada


Song of Goddess Nut (05:27) - Jennifer Posada


Heart of Hathor (05:40) - Jennifer Posada


Blessing of Tara (02:09) - Jennifer Posada


For the Ancient Ones (04:37) - Jennifer Posada


Angel Beloved (04:49) - Jennifer Posada


In the Void (04:42) - Jennifer Posada

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Jennifer Posada
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Audio CD

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April 6, 2006
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