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Protecting Patient Information: A Decision-Maker's Guide to Risk, Prevention, and Damage Control provides the concrete steps needed to tighten the information security of any healthcare IT system and reduce the risk of exposing patient health information (PHI) to the public. The book offers a systematic, 3-pronged approach for addressing the IT security deficits present in healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Healthcare decision-makers are shown how to conduct an in-depth analysis of their organization's information risk level. After this assessment is complete, the book offers specific measures for lowering the risk of a data breach, taking into account federal and state regulations governing the use of patient data. Finally, the book outlines the steps necessary when an organization experiences a data breach, even when it has taken all the right precautions.

Written for physicians, nurses, healthcare executives, and business associates who need to safeguard patient health information
Shows how to put in place the information security measures needed to reduce the threat of data breach
Teaches physicians that run small practices how to protect their patient's data
Demonstrates to decision-makers of large and small healthcare organizations the urgency of investing in cybersecurity


"This is an unusual, yet interesting and important small volume. physician leaders, business executives of health care organizations, and those with smaller or bigger offices would find it useful. Considering the topic, it is highly readable." -- Annals of Clinical Psychiatry

"'s a good primer that condenses the main points of the regulations protecting patients' data, and you will get some helpful tips. It's a good way to get a sense of what you'll be in for if you start the journey." --Help Net Security


Author Paul Cerrato

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GTIN 9780128043929

Language English

Pages 162

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Protecting Patient Information

A Decision-Maker's Guide to Risk, Prevention, and Damage Control

Paul Cerrato


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