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9-inch matte adhesive vinyl Silhouette’s 9-inch matte vinyl is an inexpensive, self-adhesive, high-grade vinyl that is well equipped for a large array of outdoor and indoor applications, including decals, advertisements, quote walls, and outdoor decorations. The matte surface produces a classic look and displays casual, cool colors.

Product Features

Technical Specifications Silhouette V9-MR-PUR

Features Silhouette V9-MR-PUR

Product Details


GTIN 0814792014264

Release Date 27.01.2015

Product Weight 10.58 ounces

Colour Purple

Material Vinyl

Manufacturer Part Number V9-MR-PUR

Silhouette - Matte Removable Vinyl Film Adhesive (V9-MR-PUR)



Seller: Dodax

Delivery date: between Wednesday, June 3 and Friday, June 5

Condition: New

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