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Each Hoya filter is the result of research, know-how and complete precision facilities backed by full quality control.

Before production starts, controls are first programmed into a computer. Then the finest materials are carefully mixed by an automatic V-blender for absolute uniformity. After being melted with highly sophisticated equipment, this material is then precision molded with automatic direct pressing equipment. The pressed blanks are next slowly and continuously cooled to remove strain, and are then polished by high-speed, double-surface polishing machines that assure precise surface quality and perfect flatness.

Next is the coating process which improves the filter light transmission ability. And the transmission characteristics are checked by Spectro-Photometer, after which an ultrasonic cleaner removes all foreign matter from the surfaces. Only after passing all of Hoya's quality tests are the filters assembled, finished and made ready for shipment to customers throughout the world.

Product Features

Technical Specifications Hoya PROND8. Filter size: 5.5 cm, Colour of product: Black

Features Hoya 0917. Filter size: 5.5 cm, Filter type: Neutral density camera filter. Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s). Product colour: Black

Product Details


GTIN 00024066058287

Release Date 27.06.2014

Product Weight 2.47 ounces

Colour Black

Manufacturer Part Number 0917

Hoya 0917 camera lens filter 5.5 cm Neutral density camera filter



Seller: Dodax

Delivery date: between Monday, June 8 and Wednesday, June 10

Condition: New

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