DINIC CB-K-ZH power cable Black 1.8 m C13 coupler C14 coupler

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 DINIC CB-K-ZH power cable Black 1.8 m C13 coupler C14 coupler
 - DINIC CB-K-ZH power cable Black 1.8 m C13 coupler C14 coupler

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Connector type C13/C14 - Yung-Li Part No YC-12 / YP-32
The appliance coupler IEC 60320-C13 is used to connect equipment that doesn't produce excessive heat when in use. The maximum pin temperature should not exceed 70° C and the maximum current is 10A.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSZH
Low smoke zero halogen is a material classification typically used for cable jacketing in the wire and cable industry. LSZH cable jacketing is composed of thermoplastic or thermoset compounds that emit limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high sources of heat.

Most cables are insulated with polyethylene, PVC or thermoplastic polyurethane. In a fire, a chlorine-containing plastic material releases hydrogen chloride, a poisonous gas that forms hydrochloric acid when it comes in contact with water. Designated halogen-free cables, on the other hand, do not produce a dangerous gas/acid combination when exposed to flame.

Low smoke zero halogen cable reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gas emitted during combustion. This type of material is typically used in poorly ventilated areas such as aircraft, rail cars or ships. It is also used extensively in the railway industry, wherever high voltage or track signal wires must be run into and through underground tunnel systems. This reduces the chance of toxic gasses accumulating in these areas should the wires be damaged by fire or a short circuit fault.

Further information

Cable Length:
1.8 m
DINIC CB-K-ZH. Cable length: 1.8 m, Connector 1: C13 coupler, Connector 2: C14 coupler, Cable type: H05Z1Z1-F

Master Data

Product Type:
Power cable
Manufacturer Part Number:
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