BANZ GBB003 ear defenders

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BABYBANZ BANZ GBB003 ear defenders
BABYBANZ - BANZ GBB003 ear defenders

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What ages are the Earmuffs for?
Earmuffs can be worn by children of all ages. However, we recommend that they are not used for children less than 6 months old. This is due to the fact that newborns heads are quite soft and the Earmuffs are a reasonably tight fit.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECOMMENDATION only. We have had customers use our Earmuffs on children less than 6 months with no problems whatsoever. Should you find the ear muffs to be a bit too tight, they can be stretched slightly. Simply place two chairs back to back, and stretch the ear muffs over the two chairs. After leaving the ear muffs for a while, they will have stretched by a small amount, making them a bit less tight when worn.
Earmuffs are perfect for taking to your favourite outings like:
- Sporting Events
- Drag Races
- Concerts
- Car Racing
- Air Shows

Further information

BANZ GBB003. Product colour: Pink, Single Number Rating (SNR): 26 dB

Master Data

Product Type:
Ear protectors
Package Dimensions:
0.175 x 0.17 x 0.078 m; 0.26 kg
Manufacturer Part Number:
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