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In the past he has raised and overthrown monarchs, battled legendary monsters and saved the lives of many. Now Geralt embarks on his most personal quest to save his loved ones and protect the world from an ancient threat.
The story is drawn based on player decisions. Each action will have consequences which change the story and the game world. NPCs, communities, monsters and locations all change, based on player choice.
The Witcher 3 is standalone adventure, easily entered into by new players. Witcher fans will find subtle references to their adventures, but these elements are not necessary to enjoy the game fully.
A breathtaking cinematic introduction demonstrating the game background - this puts players immediately in the know about the situation in the war-ravaged Northern Kingdoms and the background story of the main character.
Unique atmosphere, memorable characters and gritty dialog - the game world has its own unique feel. It is a classic dark fantasy tale that will appeal to fans of all kinds of fantasy stories.

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Technical Specifications Namco Bandai Games The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Premium Edition). Platform: PC, Genre: RPG (Role-Playing Game), ESRB rating: M (Mature)

Features BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Premium Edition). Game edition: Basic+Add-on, Platform: PC, Genre: RPG (Role-Playing Game), ESRB rating: M (Mature), PEGI rating: 18, Developer: CD Projekt RED, Release date (DD/MM/YYYY): 19/05/2015, Distribution type: Physical media

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GTIN 03391891979351

Release Date 14.05.2015

Manufacturer Part Number WITCHER 3 PC

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Premium Edition) video game PC Basic+Add-on

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment


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