Yellowback Stingaree

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Lambert M. Surhone Yellowback Stingaree
Lambert M. Surhone - Yellowback Stingaree

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The yellowback stingaree, Urolophus sufflavus, is a locally abundant but little-known species of stingray in the family Urolophidae. It is almost endemic to New South Wales, with a range from Green Cape northward, extending only barely into Queensland (Stradbroke Island). It inhabits soft-substrate habitats and has been reported from depths of 45-300 meters (150-980 ft), though it is most common on the outer continental shelf at depths of 100-160 meters (330-520 ft). This species attains a maximum length of 42 cm (17 in). It has a flattened pectoral fin disk about as wide as long, with rounded corners and straight anterior margins. There is a skirt-like nasal curtain in front of the mouth, without lateral lobes. The tail is short and stout, measuring 64-76% the length of the disk and bearing a serrated spine. The tail ends in a small caudal fin; there are no dorsal fins or lateral folds. The skin is devoid of dermal denticles. The coloration is uniformly yellowish above, sometimes with an ill-defined brown stripe running down the back


Editor Lambert M. Surhone

Editor Mariam T. Tennoe

Editor Susan F. Henssonow

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