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Germany 2012
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Florian Ion Petrescu News in Physics
Florian Ion Petrescu - News in Physics

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The movement of an electron around the atomic nucleus has today a great importance in many engineering fields. Electronics, aeronautics, micro and nanotechnology, electrical engineering, optics, lasers, nuclear power, computing, equipment and automation, telecommunications, genetic engineering, bioengineering, special processing, modern welding, robotics, energy and electromagnetic wave field is today only a few of the many applications of electronic engineering. The first chapter presents shortly a new and original relation which calculates the radius with that the electron is running around the atomic nucleus. With the help of powerful lasers one can create a dense and highly ionized plasma. We need a highly ionized dense plasma to achieve nuclear fusion (cold or hot). The second chapter presents, shortly, a new and original relation (20) which calculates the Doppler Effect exactly. The third chapter comes to proposing possible new energy sources, like energies obtained by the annihilation of a particle with its antiparticle. Speaking about a new ionic engine means to speak about a new aircraft (see the chapter 4). Should start some spatial projects, to capture energy (chp. 5).


Author Florian Ion Petrescu

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