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Lambert M. Surhone Odinani
Lambert M. Surhone - Odinani

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! dinani, also dinala or Omenala, is the traditional cultural beliefs and practises of the Igbo people of West Africa. These terms, as used here in the Igbo language, are synonymous with the traditional Igbo "religious system" which was not considered separate from the social norms of ancient or traditional Igbo societies. Theocratic in nature, spirituality played a huge role in their everyday lives. Although it has largely been supplanted by Christianity, the indigenous belief system remains in strong effect among the rural and village populations of the Igbo, where it has at times influenced the colonial religions. Odinani is a panentheistic faith, having a strong central deity at its head. All things spring from this deity. Although a semi-pantheon exists in the belief system, as it does in many indigenous African and Eastern religions, the lesser deities prevalent in Odinani expressly serve as elements of Chukwu the central deity.


Editor Lambert M. Surhone

Editor Mariam T. Tennoe

Editor Susan F. Henssonow

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