Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Sustainability - Proceedings of ICIMES 2019

by Springer, Berlin|Springer Singapore|Springer
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Springer, Berlin|Springer Singapore|Springer Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Sustainability - Proceedings of ICIMES 2019
Springer, Berlin|Springer Singapore|Springer - Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Sustainability - Proceedings of ICIMES 2019

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This book includes selected, high-quality papers presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Sustainability (ICIMES 2019) held at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Malla Reddy College of Engineering & Technology (MRCET), Maisammaguda, Hyderabad, India, from 21 to 22 June 2019. It covers topics in the areas of automation, manufacturing technology and energy sustainability.

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XLI, 842 p. 542 illus., 437 illus. in color.
Biography Artist:
Dr. A. N. R. Reddy is a Professor & HOD of Department of Mechanical Engineering at MRCET. He is currently working in the cross domains of research  that include Design of experiments, Mathematical Modeling, Bioenergy production & analysis, Pyrolysis of Biomass, Synthesis of Nanomaterials, Combustion, Engine Performance & Exhaust gas analytics, Applied & Fluid mechanics. Dr. Reddy is actively engaged in industry collaborated research focusing on industry 4.0. He has published over 30 peer-reviewed publications and serves as a panel reviewer for 13 International Journals. Also,  Dr. Reddy is a life member of professional associations such as ORSI, ISTAM, IndACM, ISTE, EWB and Member of SAE India, ISSMO. He completed his B.Tech and M. Tech from JNTU, Hyderabad, India and Ph.D. from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia. For his contributions, Dr. Reddy has received 4 innovation awards as well as 2 prestigious research excellence awards such as the Malaysian Government International Student Award ‘Malaysian International Scholarship’ from the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia; Zamalah Graduate Scholarship from UNIMAS.

Dr. Deepak Marla is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay). He is working in the domain of micro/nano-manufacturing using advanced techniques that involve lasers, electric discharges, electrochemical reactions, plasmas, and micro-tools. His research focuses on gaining fundamental insight into these processes through synergetic use of multi-physics modeling and simulation, and experiments with an eye on addressing critical challenges at the process level.

Dr. Milan Simic is a Senior Lecturer at RMIT University, School of Engineering, Melbourne, Australia and Visiting Professor at The University Nikola Tesla, Belgrade, Serbia. He is also an Associate Director for the Australia-India Research Centre for Automation Software Engineering (AIRCAUSE). AICAUSE is a joint initiative of RMIT University, State Government of Victoria and ABB Group (India and Australia). He completed his B.E., M.E. and Ph.D. from RMIT University Melbourne, Australia. He has published over 125 peer-reviewed publications, with 493 citations in the last 5 years. He has developed fast 3D metal printing technology, won an international award in Germany. For his contributions, Dr Simic has also received other prestigious awards and recognitions: Two for the research and development from Honeywell and two RMIT University awards for excellence in teaching and the provision of education to the community. As a KES Journal General Editor, Dr Simic is processing around 400 papers per year, with the support of more than 70 Associate Editors and 600 reviewers. KES is a worldwide association involving about 5000 professionals, engineers, academics, students and managers.

Dr. Margarita N. Favorskaya is a Professor and Head of Department of Informatics and Computer Techniques at Siberian State Aerospace University, Russian Federation. Professor Favorskaya is a member of KES organization since 2010, the IPC member and the Chair of invited sessions of international conferences. She serves as a reviewer in international journals (Neurocomputing, Knowledge Engineering and Soft Data Paradigms, Pattern Recognition Letters, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence), an associate editor of Intelligent Decision Technologies Journal and Computer and Information Science Journal. She is the author or the co-author of 160 publications and 20 educational manuals in computer science. She co-edited 5 books for Springer recently. She has supervised 8 PhD candidates and presently supervising 5 PhD students. Her main research interests are a digital image and video processing, remote sensing, pattern recognition, fractal image processing, artificial intelligence, information technologies and the applications of artificial intelligence techniques in many disciplines including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, healthcare and so on.

Prof. Suresh Chandra Satapathy is currently working as Professor, School of Computer Engg, KIIT Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science Engineering from JNTUH, Hyderabad and Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela, Odisha. He has more than 28 years of teaching and research experience. His research interest includes machine learning, data mining, swarm intelligence studies and their applications to engineering. He has more than 98 publications to his credit in various reputed international journals and conference proceedings. He has edited many volumes from Springer AISC, LNEE, SIST, and LNCS in the past and he is also the editorial board member in few international journals. He is a senior member of IEEE and Life Member of Computer Society of India.

Table of Contents:
Performance Evaluation of Multi-Layer Barriers for Machine-Induced Low Frequency Noise Attenuation.- Planing Process on AISI S-1006, S-7 and S-4340, based on Johnson-Cook Model Using Numerical Technique.- An Analytical Study of Diametral Error in Simultaneous Turning Process.- Improvement of Electric Heater Design for Household Cooking Application in Developing Countries.- Embodiment of an Efficient Brown's Gas Compound Fuel Tank.- Automated Solar Photovoltaic Panel Cleaning/Cooling System using Air-water Mixture and Sustainable Solutions to Off-grid Electrification.- Design and fabrication of four way multi hacksaw cutting machine.- Adhesion strength of Plasma Sprayed Coatings-A Review.- An Experimental Studies on the Polymer Hybrid Composites- Effect of fibers on Characterization.- Design Analysis and Pressure Loss Optimization of Automobile Muffler.- Different Module for car parking system demonstrated using Hough Transform for smart city development.- Effect of Arrangement and Number of Water Mist Spray Nozzles on Air Humidity.- Vibration Condition Monitoring of Spur Gear Using Feature Extraction of EMD and Hilbert Huang Transform.- Comparative Study of PWM Technique for Switching Loss Reduction and Acoustic Noise Reduction in VSI fed Drives.- An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Production Planning and Scheduling Optimization Problem.- Automatic Calibration for Residential Water Meters by Using Artificial Vision.- "Hardware in The Loop" of a flow plant embedded in FPGA, for process control.- Error Diagnosis in Space Navigation Integration using Wavelet Multi Resolution Analysis with General Regression Neural Network.- Hydromagnetic squeeze film performance of two conducting longitudinally rough elliptical plates.- Performance and Emission Characteristics of Biodiesel from Rapeseed & Soybean in CI Engine.- A Practical approach to Camera Calibration for Part Alignment for Hybrid Additive Manufacturing using Computer Vision.- Development of a colour and orientation detection system for small part feeding.- Comparative analysis on battery used in Solar Refrigerated E-rickshaw in India.- “Application of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in a Sewing Line for Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): A Case Study”.- CFD analysis to increase heat transfer in pipe with combined effect of circular perforated ring and twisted tape insert.- Study On Solar Parabolic Trough Collector With Different Copper Absorber Tubes.- Harmonic Analysis for Bidirectional Grid Connected Converter for Electrical Vehicle during Charging and Discharging Operations.- Effect of tribolayer on the sliding wear behavior of detonation sprayed Alumina-Titania coatings.- Development of Sustainable Cementitious Binder Utilizing Silicomanganese Fumes.- Review on Sliding wear of Ti6Al4V alloy concerning counterface and sliding conditions.- Hardness and Microstructure studies on the effect of Solution treated-age hardened Al-6082 Alloy.- Floating Photo Voltaic Thin Film Technology - A Review.- Effect of Ethanol fumigation on performance and combustion characteristics of Compression Ignition Engine fuelled with Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester in dual fuel mode.- Estimation and Moderation of Harmonics in Distribution Systems.- Theoretical Evaluation of Energy Performance of a Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using Sustainable Refrigerants.- Effect of Autofrettage on the properties of the Aluminum Cylinders.- Influence of Graphene and Tungsten Carbide Reinforcement on Tensile and Flexural strength of Glass Fiber Epoxy Composites.- Investigation of partial discharge due to copper spherical particle in power transformer under various oil flow models using CFD.- A high power high frequency isolated DC-power supply for electrical vehicle charging application.- Effect of Slicing thickness and Increment on the design of patient specific implant for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - A case study.- Microstructure and Hardness Behavior Sudy of Carbon Nanotube in Aluminium Nanocomposites.- Comparison of Electric field with and without corona ring for 66kV line insulator.- Experimental and FEA Simulation of Thermal-Fluid Interaction Between TIN Coated Tungsten Carbide Tool and Inconel-825 Workpiece.- The Effect of Recrystallization on Electrical Resistivity of Stir Casted SiCP/AA6061 Composite after Shot Peening.- Static Stress Analysis of WYE-Piece for penstock application.- Comparative Investigation on Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and Friction Stir Welding of Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper Plates.- Synthesis and Characterisation of Functionally Graded Ceramic Material for Aerospace Applications.- CI Engine Characteristic Investigation by Application of Metal Based Additives with Biodiesel Blends.- Simulation of underground cable faults (defects) with the detection of partial discharge.- Comparison of CI Engine performance parameters and Emissions by varying designs of Intake Manifolds.- Variation of Time Lag, Decrement Factor and Inside Surface Temperature with Solar Optical Properties of Building Envelope in Different Climatic Zones of India.- Study On Tensile and Hardness Properties of Al7075 Alloy Reinforced With Graphite, Mica and E-Glass.- ANN based fault classification and section identification technique using superimposed currents for three-terminal transmission line.- An analytical investigation for combined pressure driven and electroosmotic flow without the Debye–Huckel approximation.- Addressing the Green tribology advancement, future development and challenges.- Effect of Drying Temperature to the Drying Characteristic, Morphology and Peak Viscosity of Traditionally Processed Sago Starch (Lemantak).- Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Egg Shell and Coco Peat Reinforced Epoxy Composite.- Design Modification of Rear Axle Housing by Fatigue Failure Analysis.- Mixture Design using Low Cost Adsorbent Materials for Decolourisation of Biomethanated Distillery Spent Wash in Continuous Packed Bed Column.- Prediction of the WPPO Biodiesel Fuelled HCCI Engine Using Artificial Neural Networks.- Dimensional Analysis of Form Drilling parameters by Buckingham pi theorem and optimization of heat generation in Form drilling process by Taguchi.- Comparison of ductile, flexural, impact and hardness attributes of sisal fiber reinforced polyester composites.- Optimization of EDM Process Parameters using Standard Deviation and Multi-Objective Optimization on the basis of Simple Ratio Analysis (MOOSRA).- Modeling and Simulation of Trans Z-source Inverter with Maximum Constant Boost PWM Control for Solar PV System.- Driver Drowsiness Monitoring System.- Detection and Control of Water Leakage in Pipelines and Taps Using Arduino Nano Microcontroller.- Smart Automated Processes for Bottle-filling Industry using PLC-SCADA System.- Effect of Stirring Speed During Casting on Mechanical Properties of Al-Si Based MMCs.- Exploration of Pillars of Industry 4.0 using Latent Semantic Analysis Technique.- An Overview of Different Topologies of DC-DC Bidirectional Converter for Different Applications.- An Approach to detect and classify defects in Cantilever Beams using Dynamic Mode Decomposition and Machine Learning.- Musculoskeletal Simulation and Analysis of Upper Limb Rehabilitation Device.- Fuzzy Regenerative Braking Strategy.- A New Framework for Secure utsourcing of Medical Data.- A Comprehensive View for Providing the Decision on Medicare data.- Predicting Cardiac-Arrhythmia Using QRS Detection and Multi-Layer Perceptron.- Full Length Driver Drowsiness Detection Model – Utilising Driver Specific Judging Parameters.- Enterprise Reporting Solution on Integrating Business Intelligence for  Operational and Financial Data.-  Accelerating The Classifier Training Using Various Boosting Schemes Within Cascades Of Boosted Ensembles (Cobes).- Service Layer Security Architecture For Iot Using Biometric Authentication And Cryptography Technique.
1st ed. 2020
Number of Pages:
Reddy, A.N.R.;Reddy
Marla, Deepak;Marla
Simic, Milan;Simic
Favorskaya, Margarita N.;Favorskaya
Satapathy, Suresh Chandra;Satapathy
Covers topics in the areas of automation, manufacturing technology and energy sustainability

Includes papers by researchers, academicians, students and practitioners

Features selected, high-quality papers presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Sustainability (ICIMES 2019)

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Springer, Berlin|Springer Singapore|Springer

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