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There is much to learn from indigenous, traditional and community based approaches to natural disaster preparedness. Indigenous people have been confronted with changing environments for millennia and have developed a wide array of coping strategies, and their traditional knowledge and practices provide an important basis for facing the even greater challenges of climate change. In this thesis work, those coping strategies, traditional knowledge and practices are tried to capture and documented as a form of community based adaptation plan using various research tools. Five key areas, were identified that are highly affected from both anthropological and climatic hazards. Some efforts were placed by the local community to minimize them, thus, some additionality is required in order to cope and adapt. Those were analyzed using multi-criteria analysis tool in given thematic area. Community based adaptation plan requires multi-sectoral support from designing to final. Sharing the information on climate induced disaster; seed exchange system and so on using the local level mechanism like VDC federation is feasible, cost-effective and has high impact over reducing climatic hazards.


Author Ravi Kumar Shrestha

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Designing Community Based Adaptation Plan to Climate Change

A Study from Sungnam and Sakranti VDC, Terhathum District, Nepal

Ravi Kumar Shrestha


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