The Lost and Found Journal of Me

by Dublin, J. C.
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Dublin, J. C. The Lost and Found Journal of Me
Dublin, J. C. - The Lost and Found Journal of Me

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How will your kid make history today?
If history teaches us anything it's that the difference between living an ordinary life and an extraordinary one is a matter of choice. When 13-year-old Joan of Arc received visions of angels in her garden, she could have ignored them and heeded more grounded voices that told her to mind her station; or, she could dedicate her short life to liberating her homeland and turning the tide of the 100 Years War. Bicycle mechanics Orville and Wilbur Wright could have steered clear of flights of fancy by focusing all their energies on their repair shop; or, they could dare to dream that the mechanical lessons learned from stabilizing a bicycle on the ground were precisely the insights necessary to stabilize a motorized craft in the air.
Those examples may sound like the stuff of fiction, but we all know they were the stuff of dreams their dreamers refused to abandon. All kids dream big ideas and imagine fanciful futures, but who's to say they can't bring them to pass? Are your children told examples of people who tried and failed as a way to spare them painful setbacks? Or, are they shown examples of people who overcame long odds on the road to success to encourage them to be all they can be?
The Lost and Found Journal of Me series guides your kids day-by-day through the remarkable history of our world, showcasing spectacular events and individual achievements that shaped the history of mankind. Writing and action prompts flow from these examples to stretch their imaginations and develop belief in their unique abilities. As they record their thoughts and act on lessons from history, they'll soon discover they are not just "keeping a journal", but recording the greatest history ever told... the history of themselves!
In The Lost and Found Journal of Me, your kids will learn amazing facts about history as they chart their boundless futures. Each daily page includes:On this Day section: event that happened on that day in history
Dive In section: dig deeper into the event to learn how and why it happened
Speak Up section: share your thoughts and feelings about an aspect of the historical event
Act Out section: take what you learned from the first three sections and make your mark on the world!

After using The Lost and Found Journal of Me, your children will know history better, know the world better, and, more importantly, know themselves better. With daily writing prompts to get them thinking through tough questions, and daily action prompts to help them take the next step, they'll be motivated to become the best possible versions of themselves.
From New Year's Day to June 30th, The Lost and Found Journal of Me (January-June edition) provides a simple framework for your kids to record their gratitudes and attitudes through the year. With the right effort, their actions will serve as writing prompts for future generations!


Dublin, J. C.

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