Believing in Dawkins

The New Spiritual Atheism
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Eric Steinhart Believing in Dawkins
Eric Steinhart - Believing in Dawkins

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Dawkin's militant atheism is well known; his profound faith less well known


In this book, atheist philosopher Eric Steinhart explores the spiritual dimensions of Richard Dawkins' books, which are shown to encompass:

·       the meaning and purpose of life

·       an appreciation of Platonic beauty and truth

·       a deep belief in the rationality of the universe

·       an aversion to both scientism and nihilism


As an atheist, Dawkins strives to develop a scientific alternative to theism, and while he declares that science is not a religion, he also proclaims it to be a spiritual enterprise. His books are filled with fragmentary sketches of this 'spiritual atheism', resembling a great unfinished cathedral. This book systematises and completes Dawkins' arguments and reveals their deep roots in Stoicism and Platonism.


Expanding on Dawkins' ideas, Steinhart shows how atheists can develop powerful ethical principles, compelling systems of symbols and images, and meaningful personal and social practices. Believing in Dawkins is a rigorous and potent entreaty for the use of science and reason to support spiritually rich and optimistic ways of thinking and living.



Author Eric Steinhart

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GTIN 9783030430511

Release Date 16.09.2020

Pages 402

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.27 x 5.83 x 5.83  inches

Product Weight 19.54 ounces

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