The Subjective Dimension of Marxist Historical Dialectics

by Yibing, Zhang
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Yibing, Zhang The Subjective Dimension of Marxist Historical Dialectics
Yibing, Zhang - The Subjective Dimension of Marxist Historical Dialectics

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Marxian theory of quasi-naturalness and object-enslavement about the phenomena coming forth in a definite historical period of human social development, which is pointed out by this book, is a significant content of the logical subject dimension of historical dialectics in Marxist scientific view of history, but for quite a long time this important scientific and critical discourse of Marx has always been overlooked. The following important doctrine is advanced and demonstrated de novo by the writer of this book whose study is based on a careful reading of a great quantity of classical literature: the development of human society and history, which is not always a natural historical process, unfolds itself as a historical phenomenon something like blindfold movement of nature only in a definite level of the function degree of the human social practice; in this specific historical period human subject becomes aberrant as the slave of external forces(nature and human materialized world), and the development of the social history becomes "a process without subject" similar to natural historical movement; the quasi-naturalness and object-enslavement of this specific social history is not an eternal order of nature, and with the development of human social practice the human kind will surpass this historical existential status in the end, i.e., making for the period of human all-round free development----realm of freedom from the pre-historical period of human social development----realm of necessity. Furthermore the writer discussed the modern signification of the this doctrine of Marx from the theoretical perspective of contemporary thought history and the view of natural science, especially from the combination with the socialist praxis possessing Chinese characteristics. This book, which has a new and deep implication and an uppermost expression in such aspects as initiative thoughts and contextual mutual-motion, as history distinguishing and tractatus, as logical penetration and simple lifelikeness, and as theoretical research and reality reflection, is a creative and infrequent writing in the investigation of Marxist fundamental theory recent years.


Yibing, Zhang

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