Guide to Wireless Sensor Networks

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Sudip Misra Guide to Wireless Sensor Networks
Sudip Misra - Guide to Wireless Sensor Networks

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Overview and Goals Wireless communication technologies are undergoing rapid advancements. The last few years have experienced a steep growth in research in the area of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In WSNs, communication takes place with the help of spatially distributedautonomoussensornodesequippedtosensespeci?cinformation. WSNs, especially the ones that have gained much popularity in the recent years, are, ty- cally, ad hoc in nature and they inherit many characteristics/features of wireless ad hoc networks such as the ability for infrastructure-less setup, minimal or no reliance on network planning, and the ability of the nodes to self-organize and self-con?gure without the involvement of a centralized network manager, router, access point, or a switch. These features help to set up WSNs fast in situations where there is no existing network setup or in times when setting up a ?xed infrastructure network is considered infeasible, for example, in times of emergency or during relief - erations. WSNs ?nd a variety of applications in both the military and the civilian population worldwide such as in cases of enemy intrusion in the battle?eld, object tracking, habitat monitoring, patient monitoring, ?re detection, and so on. Even though sensor networks have emerged to be attractive and they hold great promises for our future, there are several challenges that need to be addressed. Some of the well-known challenges are attributed to issues relating to coverage and deployment, scalability, quality-of-service, size, computational power, energy ef?ciency, and security.


From the reviews: "This useful book dedicated to wireless sensor networks is the editor's follow up to their recent guide to wireless and ad hoc networks ... . The book presents general and specialized aspects of sensor networks ... . This book is a useful introduction to the emergent topic of sensor networks. Its target audience is students at intermediate and advanced levels. Teachers can obtain from the publisher presentation slides for classroom use and a manual with answers to the questions included in each chapter." (Alessandro Berni, ACM Computing Reviews, January, 2010)


This highly useful Guide to Wireless Sensor Networks presents a comprehensive account of the fundamental concepts, new ideas and results in WSN. It examines a wide range of subjects, from core issues to specialized topics.


Editor Sudip Misra

Editor Isaac Woungang

Editor Subhas Chandra Misra

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GTIN 9781848822177

Release Date 12.06.2009

Language English

Pages 707

Product type Book

Dimension 9.25 x 6.34 x 6.10  inches

Product Weight 94.18 ounces

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