A case study of interactive : Monster and an introduction of interactive music composition multimedia performance
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Wen Liu Monster
Wen Liu - Monster

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The initial research for this work was conducted for my multimedia composition with a live performance of the work: Monster, in close collaboration with computer music engineer Marian Weger. The premiere of the work was on the 21st of January 2012 in Semperdepot Vienna. Monster is a mixed-media performance for Flute, electronics, one dancer and real-time video projection. The aim was to present an audio-visual dance performance based on a set of pre-recorded fragments, processed and arranged using powerful sequencer software. Distortions in the flute samples in the form of frequency shifts and the application of filters were among various elements exploited in order to enhance the immersive experience of the audience and the role of the music was to be one of subtle but direct influence of the listeners' sensations, by remaining more a background phenomenon than a forefront element of the work. This allowed for observers' perceptions to be shaped predominantly by the visual aspect of the performance. This piece exploits the natural tensions found on the borderline between natural and synthetic sounds and thus opens up a new vocabulary of sound possibilities.


Author Wen Liu

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DUIN 11591QHR17K

GTIN 9783639874334

Language English

Pages 76

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