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Richard Krentzlin was one of the most renowned music teachers of his time, and his reputation as a composer of piano music for teaching purposes hves on to this day Indeed, his music book "Der junge Pianist" [The young pianist] (3 volumes, RL 23080-23100) is one of the most enduring piano tutors of the modern era. By the time the book celebrated the 100th anniversary of its first edition in 1998, almost one million copies had been sold. Krentzlin's instructive arrangements of the classics m "Einführung in die Klassiker" [Introduction to the classics] (2 volumes, RL 23130-23140) and of pieces by other maestros, such as m "Album beliebter Vortragsstücke" [Album of favourite Performance pieces] (2 volumes, RL 23000-23010) and "Strauß für die Jugend" [Strauss for young people], which is available in a wide variety of instrumentations, have also become Standard music hterature. His own
compositions attest to his talent and ingenuity, and include "Aus meiner Wanderzeit" [From my wanderings] op. 150 (RL 23040) and "Das Buch der Jugend" [The book for young people] op. 155, (RL 23060), which contains 20 instructive character pieces.



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Einführung in die Klassiker, Klavier. Bd.1

Ausgewählte Stücke für Klavier eingerichtet

Richard Krentzlin


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