Enzyme Kinetics

The Steady-State Approach
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Paul C. Engel Enzyme Kinetics
Paul C. Engel - Enzyme Kinetics

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The student of biological science in his final years as an undergraduate and his first years as a graduate is expected to gain some familiarity with current research at the fron tiers of his discipline. New research work is published in a perplexing diversity of publications and is inevitably concerned with the minutiae of the subject. The sheer number of research journals and papers also causes confusion and difficulties of assimilation. Review articles usually presuppose a background knowledge of the field and are inevitably rather restricted in scope. There is thus a need for short but authoritative introductions to those areas of modern biological research which are either not dealt with in standard introductory text books or are not dealt with in sufficient detail to enable the student to go on from them to read scholarly reviews with profit. This series of books is designed to satisfy this need. The authors have been asked to produce abrief outline of their subject assuming that their readers will have read and remembered much of a standard introductory textbook of biology.


Author Paul C. Engel

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GTIN 9780412239700

Release Date 01.01.1981

Pages 96

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.50 x 5.51 x 5.51  inches

Product Weight 4.94 ounces

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