The Cheeses of Italy: Science and Technology

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Marco Gobbetti The Cheeses of Italy: Science and Technology
Marco Gobbetti - The Cheeses of Italy: Science and Technology

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The book will contain a detailed description on the historical aspects of cheese manufacture, a culmination of historical information on the most traditional and worldwide popular Italian cheese varieties. An overview on cheese production is also included, covering the main general aspects. An overall classification of Italian cheeses will follow, aiming to categorize all the cheese varieties that have a tradition and/or an economic importance. Based on a large literature review, the core of the book will include descriptions cheese making traits which are unique to Italian cheese biotechnology. In particular, the milk chemical composition, the use whey or milk natural starters, some technology options (e.g., curd cooking), the microbiota composition and metabolism during curd ripening, especially for cheese made with raw milk, and the main relevant biochemical events, which occur during the very long-time ripening, will be described. The last part of the book will consider a detailed description of the biotechnology for the manufacture of the most traditional and popular cheeses worldwide.


Author Patrick Fox

Author Erasmo Neviani

Author Marco Gobbetti

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GTIN 9783319898537

Release Date 05.06.2018

Pages 274

Product type Book

Dimension 9.25 x 6.18 x 6.10  inches

Product Weight 21.16 ounces

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