Gemstones and Microorganisms

Interaction of microorganisms on gemstones
by Hosna Afroza - Sold by Dodax
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Hosna Afroza Gemstones and Microorganisms
Hosna Afroza - Gemstones and Microorganisms

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This research has done on gemstones and associated microorganisms.Gemstones are naturally occurred minerals desirable for its beauty and valuable in its rarity.Gemstones may originated from inorganic minerals or from living organisms.Microbiologist were mainly concerned with the microbial interaction with organic matter. Microorganisms can use reduced inorganic compounds as electron donors and are termed lithotrophs. Gemstones are traditionally used in our personal adornment. The mysterious appeal of gemstones, their exquisite colour and the play of light within them.Microorganisms are used in producing antibiotic,bio-fertilizer,bio-gas,nutrients, cleanliness of environment etc. We isolated microorganisms from gemstones by using various culture media.In this manuscript we have identified the microorganisms and tried to understand their interaction.From this book you can learn about gemstones,microorganisms,isolation and identification process of microorganisms.


Author Hosna Afroza

Author Mahbubar Rahman Khan

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