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Patients with elevated arterial pressures and no definable cause are said to have Primary, Essential or Idiopathic hypertension. A variety of complexly interrelated systems in the body: the Central and /or the peripheral Adrenergic, Renal, Hormonal, Vascular have been implicated in the pathogenesis of Essential hypertension. Besides, a number of environmental factors also contribute to the multifactorial causation. However the exact picture is still far from clear. Pickering's view held that blood pressure was distributed as a skewed unimodal curve and Essential hypertension was therefore an arbitrarily segregated group lying in the upper part of blood pressure distribution.


Author Mohd Aslam

Author Muhammad Uwais Ashraf

Author Shadab Ahmad Khan

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Inflammatory Markers in Essential Hypertension

Mohd Aslam


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