Virtual Colonoscopy - A Practical Guide

by Springer Berlin
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Springer Berlin Virtual Colonoscopy - A Practical Guide
Springer Berlin - Virtual Colonoscopy - A Practical Guide

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Rapid progress in the technique and practice of virtual colonoscopy as well as the conti- ing clinical high interest for this radiodiagnostic procedure made this second edition, only 3 years after the publication of the ? rst edition of this successful volume, necessary. This new edition includes the latest study results and technical developments of this exciting noninvasive diagnostic modality for the evaluation of the colon. The technical presentation and lay out of the text and of the many new illustrations are impeccable. The editors were again able to ensure the collaboration of many international leaders in the ? eld and the book offers a very comprehensive overview of all aspects and issues of CT colonography with a focus on how to perform practically this examination, which requires meticulous technique starting from rigorous preparation, then the conduct of the study itself, and ? nally the interpretation of the results. I am very much indebted to the editors and the collaborating authors for preparing this outstanding volume in a record short time period, which enabled them to include the latest technical advances in this rapidly evolving important radiological method. It is highly recommended to general and gastrointestinal radiologists as well as gast- eneterologists as a most welcome update of their knowledge and as a practical guide in their daily practice. I am convinced that this second edition will meet the same success with our readership as the ? rst one.

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52 schwarz-weiße und 146 farbige Abbildungen, 16 schwarz-weiße Tabellen
Lefere, Philippe;Lefere
Gryspeerdt, Stefàan;Gryspeerdt

Includes the latest study results and developments in technology, as well as new illustrations

All practical aspects of virtual colonoscopy are carefully explained

The variability in application of the technique is addressed

Imaging characteristics and pitfalls are considered in detail, with an extensive pictorial review of difficult lesions

The contributors include a number of leaders in the field

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Springer Berlin
From the reviews of the second edition:

"As barium enema rapidly gives way to the era of virtual colonoscopy (VC), increasing numbers of radiologists and gastroenterologists need a guide to navigate this transition. The second edition of 'Virtual Colonoscopy: A Practical Guide' has arrived to fulfil this need. ... I would highly recommend this practical and informative book to anyone interested in virtual colonoscopy. I would particularly recommend it for radiologists making the transition from barium to VC, radiographers and perhaps most of all, sceptical colonoscopists." (Owen Epstein, RAD Magazine, December, 2010)

"'The book offers a very comprehensive overview of all aspects and issues of [computed tomographic] CT colonography with a focus on how to perform practically this examination.' ... I found the book to be well organized and written clearly and succinctly. ... book is intended to be 'a guide for both the beginner and the experienced CT colonographer. It fulfills its purpose and is an excellent resource for radiologists and radiology residents who are involved in performing and interpreting virtual colonoscopy." (Philip Goodman, Radiology, Vol. 258 (3), March, 2011)

"This second edition of a well known book is intended to provide the reader with all the most updated information in the rapidly evolving field of virtual colonoscopy. ... an important and impressive book, enriched by an enormous amount of perfectly reproduced images, a 'must have' book for radiologists, endoscopists and surgeons who understand ... that virtual colonoscopy is a very important diagnostic and screening tool when in the proper hands, or a mouse-trap and source of devastating errors in the hands of others." (Giampiero Beluffi, La Radiologia Medica, Vol. 116, 2011)
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This book addresses all important issues relating to virtual colonoscopy, focussing particularly on the practical aspects. This new edition is updated with the latest study results and developments in technology, and it includes new illustrations.

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