Arab Spring: Genesis and Implications for Global Politics

by Yar, Asfand
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Yar, Asfand Arab Spring: Genesis and Implications for Global Politics
Yar, Asfand - Arab Spring: Genesis and Implications for Global Politics

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This study focuses on the genesis of the Arab Spring and implications of this historic event on the region and the global politics. The so called "Arab Spring "has surprised the world, Middle East rulers and the scholars. The Arab people who were oppressed for decades have revolted against the authoritarian rulers and have overturned a number of longstanding rulers and threatened the existing world order. To know the factors for the genesis, arguing that the Arab Spring is the product of the interplay between internal and external factors i.e. between the changing structure of international politico-military order and domestic economic and cultural influences; the events unfolded many new rivalries and friendships and has divided the world politics into many notorious camps.


Yar, Asfand

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Yar, Asfand
Asfand Yar is a Ph.D student of International Relations.
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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Paperback book
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May 16, 2019
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