Bridges on the Ju na Morava

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Vladimir Radojicic Bridges on the Ju na Morava
Vladimir Radojicic - Bridges on the Ju na Morava

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In this book the bridges are described . They have been built after the Frirst World War up to now . People built them on roads and railways . They used steel , reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete .They built them from their spring trought the Bina ka Morava and Moravica up to their flow into the Zapadna Morava . This is the first attempt , as far as we know , to describe all the bridges on the Ju na Morava in one book . We are sure it will be useful , not only for the civil engineering , but for the local and governmental agency as well . They are obliged to run these material wealth as real hosts .


Author Vladimir Radojicic

Author Tomislav Radojicic

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DUIN 377H651BC8D

GTIN 9783659562884

Language English

Pages 216

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.66 x 5.91  inches

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