Creative Industries through the prism of SNCI Initiative

by Dahlan, Sofana
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Dahlan, Sofana Creative Industries through the prism of SNCI Initiative
Dahlan, Sofana - Creative Industries through the prism of SNCI Initiative

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The research's aim is to provide an in depth portrayal of the Saudi National Creative initiative and how it represents a leverage for the economic Saudi local growth by providing opportunities for the Saudi youth and connecting different stakeholders. The research design is an in-depth case study of the Saudi National Creative Initiative in which the researcher will examine the documents released by the Initiative: namely, the 3 year plan to executed in the current and following two years. The activities proposed by the initiative will be exposed and analyzed to draw the overriding themes dominating this initiative. The Saudi National Creative Initiative is still in the first stages and it is unfolding. The outcomes are promising. The initiative is immersed in the local community with its emphasis on building capacity of local creative youths; still it has humanistic orientation with the adoption of the UNESCO's model of human development through the creative industries leverage. Although the focus is local, SNCI and other equivalent initiatives are creating new development pathways that encourage creativity and innovation in the pursuit of sustainable growth and development.


Dahlan, Sofana

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Dahlan, Sofana
Sofana Dahlan is a Saudi lawyer actively engaged in intellectual property rights and creative economy development in the Middle East.
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Éditions universitaires européennes

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April 17, 2019
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