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This book provides fascinating insight into C. F. Meyer's inclusion of visual-spatial artworks in his narrative texts. It pinpoints what is most uniquely characteristic of Meyer's means of representing works of art, and offers fruitful comparisons with contemporaries such as Nathaniel Hawthorne. The book takes a fresh look at Meyer's "historical realism", and elucidates how his reconstructions of European history reflect his problematic "borderline" stance as a multilingual Swiss and a Protestant aesthete.


"Dr. Mugge-Meiburg's fresh appreciation of Meyer's evocation of the European past through its works of art convincingly situates his narratives at the crossroads of the Nietzschean age where a symbolist approach to history begins to displace older historicism (and where) writers from Hawthorne to Proust rediscover the mythological roots of their cultural world. She speaks with engaging clarity to a wide spectrum of readers on such questions as fictionality, archetypal experience, the truth status of art works, and the modernist shift." (Gerald Gillespie, Stanford University)
"This is an intellectually imaginative study that will interest readers of Meyer as well as scholars concerned with the aesthetics of realism, representation, and the intersection of literature and the visual arts. Mugge-Meiburg ably points out issues in Meyer's works that are germane to contemporary critical discussions." (Russell A. Berman, Columbia University)
"This volume is a welcome experiment in probing aesthetic boundaries and in productively borrowing conceptual questions from other disciplines for the study of literary texts. The book's insights stem perhaps above all from Mugge-Meiburg's agile and genuinely interested close readings of Meyer's prose in which various novels and novellas are read against each other or occasionally against other contemporary texts from literature or cultural history. These insightful readings in themselves make this scholarly Contribution worthwile." (Kirsten Belgum, Monatshefte)
"...the author, a highly imaginative critic, is a very careful thinker with a solid background in art history, literary criticism, and German cultural studies. Her erudition is impressive and her clear, nondogmatic presentation of her findings is engaging." (Gail K. Hart, The German Quarterly)
"The work presented here is a fine-tuning of our understanding of Meyer's prose narratives." (Deborah S. Lund, Seminar) "Mugge-Meiburgs Abhandlung stellt...einen beachtenswerten Beitrag zur Meyer-Forschung dar. Sie gewährt anhand detaillierter Textanalysen und theoretischer Erörterungen neue Einsichten in Meyers narrative Strukturen und setzt neue Akzente für die Rezeption seiner Prosa." (Brigitte Leuschner, Arbitrium)


Author Beth L. Mugge-Meiburg

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GTIN 9780820414935

Release Date 01.07.1991

Language English

Pages 236

Product type Book

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Words Chiseled into Marble

Artworks in the Prose Narratives of Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

Beth L. Mugge-Meiburg


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