Octavius of the Britons

by Betascript Publishing
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Betascript Publishing Octavius of the Britons
Betascript Publishing - Octavius of the Britons

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Octavius or Eudaf Hen is a figure of Welsh tradition. He is remembered as a King of the Britons and the father of Elen Luyddog and Conan Meriadoc in sources such as the Welsh prose tale The Dream of Macsen and Geoffrey of Monmouth's Latin chronicle Historia Regum Britanniae. He also figures into Welsh genealogies. Geoffrey of Monmouth introduces Octavius as a half-brother to Constantine I, who has become King of the Britons following the death of his father Constantius. Eventually Constantine is made Roman Emperor, requiring him to leave Britain in the hands of a proconsul. Octavius, then duke of the Gewissei tribe, rebels against Roman rule, killing the proconsul and proclaiming himself king.

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