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As every parent will testify, toddlers are absolutely fascinated by shoes. Toddlers take shoes on and off, undo the Velcro tabs, tie up laces and fiddle with buckles. Leaving the house involves trying on every pair of shoes they possess before the right ones are chosen. All in all, there's no end to the hold shoes seem to have on toddlers - and it's not just the girls - the boys are just as bad!Lulu's Shoes is therefore the answer to every parent's prayers. A delightful novelty book with guaranteed toddler appeal - put this book into their hands as you're getting them into the buggy and you might just get to Tesco's before lunchtime!

Product Features

Features ISBN Lulu's Shoes. Book cover type: Hardback, Language version: English, Number of pages: 16 pages. Width: 200 mm, Height: 200 mm. Minimum order quantity: 1 pc(s)

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GTIN 9780747594031

Release Date 30.11.2018

Dimension 7.87 x 7.87  inches

Manufacturer Part Number 9780747594031

ISBN Lulu's Shoes book



Seller: Dodax

Delivery date: Monday, October 21

Condition: New

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