Wellings, B: English Nationalism, Brexit and the Anglosphere

by Wellings, Ben
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Wellings, Ben Wellings, B: English Nationalism, Brexit and the Anglosphere
Wellings, Ben - Wellings, B: English Nationalism, Brexit and the Anglosphere

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'A thoughtful and subtle book. Wellings identifies an interesting problem: that Brexit is both English and not English. Whatever the outcome of our present travails this book will help us to reflect on what is happening.'
Robert Tombs, author of The English and Their History

'In this incisive study Ben Wellings explores how an elite project created a majority coalition for Leave by reshaping English nationalism. Essential reading for understanding what the future holds.'
Andrew Gamble, Professor of Politics, SPERI, University of Sheffield

'Original and impressive. Wellings argues that Brexit can be understood as a three-level dilemma for this 'least parochial' of nationalisms: getting the UK out of the EU, maintaining the Union and reintegrating the UK into global markets. The case is made with intelligence and subtlety.'
Arthur Aughey, Emeritus Professor of Politics, Ulster University

This is the first book to examine the relationship between English nationalism, Brexit and 'the Anglosphere' - a politically-contested term used to denote English-speaking countries sharing cultural and historical roots with the UK.

In the aftermath of the UK's EU referendum some pointed to a 'revolt' of those 'left behind' by globalisation. Ben Wellings argues instead that Brexit was and is an elite project, firmly situated within the tradition of an expansive English nationalism. Far from being parochial 'Little Englanders', elite Brexiteers sought to replace the European Union with trade and security alliances between 'true friends' and 'traditional allies' in the Anglosphere. Brexit was thus reassuringly presented as a giant leap into the known.

Brexiteers articulated a globally-oriented Englishness, underpinned by notions of the United Kingdom's imperial past and its global future. England's bounds would be set - in the words of 'Land of Hope and Glory' - 'wider still and wider'.

As the UK's future relationship with the rest of the world is negotiated, the need to understand this 'English moment' has never been more pressing.


Wellings, Ben

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