ISBN The Anglo-Saxons

by Campbell, James
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Campbell, James ISBN The Anglo-Saxons
Campbell, James - ISBN The Anglo-Saxons

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In this major survey, three distinguished historians produce an exciting introduction to the field.

Although the "Lost Centuries" between AD400 and 600 suffer from a scarcity of written sources, and only two writers, King Alfred and the Venerable Bede, dominate our understanding of later times, the authors have created a rich and thought-provoking account of the stormy era when Britain became Christian and sustained several waves of Viking invaders. A single nation, they suggest, slowly emerged from the rivalries and fluctuating fortunes of separate kingdoms like Mercia, Wessex and East Anglia. Major figures such as Offa, Alfred, Edgar and Cnut are discussed in detail, while the stunning illustrations convey the immense achievements of Anglo-Saxon centuries were 'simply a barbarous prelude to better things'.


Campbell, James

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August 6, 1991
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