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It is indeed a matter of great pleasure and proud privilege to be able to present this project on FABRICATION OF SOLAR REFRIGERATOR . The completion of the project work is a milestone in student life and its execution is inevitable in the hands of guide. We are highly indebted our projects guide Prof. P. T. Mirchandani for his invaluable guidance and appreciation for giving form and substance to this report. It is due to his enduring efforts; patience and enthusiasm, which has given a sense of direction and purposefulness to this project and ultimately made it a success. We would like to tender our sincere thanks to the staff members of Rizvi college of Engineering for their co-operation. We would also like to express our deep regards and gratitude to the Principal Dr. Varsha Shah. We would wish to thank the non-teaching staff and our friends who have helped us all the time in one way or the other. Really it is highly impossible to repay the debt of all the people who have directly or indirectly helped us for performing the project.


Author Hiren Gajera

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GTIN 9783848495856

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Dimension 8.66  inches

Solar Refrigerator

Convetional Energy

Hiren Gajera


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