Fundamentals of Petrophysics

by Shenglai Yang
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Shenglai Yang Fundamentals of Petrophysics
Shenglai Yang - Fundamentals of Petrophysics

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In this book, the fundamental knowledge involved in petroleum & gas development engineering, such as physical and chemical phenomena, physical processes and the relationship between physical factors is covered. It is arranged into 3 Sections. Section 1 including chapter 1-4 is to introduce the properties of fluids (gases, hydrocarbon liquids, and aqueous solutions). Section II including Chapter 5-7 is to introduce the porous rock properties of reservoir rocks. Section III including Chapter 8-10 is to introduce the mechanism of multiphase fluid flow in porous medium. The book is written primarily to serve professionals working in the petroleum engineering field. It can also be used as reference book for postgraduate and undergraduate students as well for the related oil fields in petroleum geology, oil production engineering, reservoir engineering and enhancing oil recovery.


Shenglai Yang

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XVIII, 502 p. 281 illus., 8 illus. in color.
Table of Contents:
Chemical Composition and Properties of Reservoir Fluids.- Natural Gas Physical Properties under High Pressure.- Phase State of Reservoir Hydrocarbons and Gas-Liquid Equilibrium.- Physical Properties of Reservoir Fluids under Reservoir Conditions.- Porosity of Reservoir Porous Medium.- Permeability of Reservoir Rocks.- Other Physical Properties of Reservoir Rocks.- Interfacial Phenomena and Wettability of Reservoir Rocks.- Capillary Pressure and Capillary Pressure Curve.- Multiphase Flow through Porous Medium and Relative Permeability Curve.
Provides data based on unique measurements in China

Includes over 100 new figures acquired from the latest research findings

Passes on fundamental knowledge of petroleum & gas development engineering

Includes supplementary material:

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Springer Berlin
Biography Artist:
Shenglai YANG is the Senior Professor of Petroleum Engineering at China University of Petroleum, Beijing. He received his B.Sc. (July 1982) degree from Taiyuan University of Technology, China, M.Sc. (May 1987) degrees from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, and Ph.D. degree (July 1996) from China University of Mining and Technology. He finished his Postdoctoral work (Dec. 1998) in China University of Petroleum, Beijing, in petroleum engineering.
He taught several courses including petro-physics, reservoir engineering, natural gas engineering, and properties of reservoir fluids, etc. He is the leader of the teaching team and chief lecturer on the courses of “Petro-physics”. The course he taught is awarded “Excellent University Courses in Beijing” in 2009, and awarded “National Excellent University Courses” in 2010.
Dr. Yang is the head of Oil & Gas Field Development Engineering Lab, and conduct research work on properties of reservoir fluid and reservoir rock, and research on percolation mechanics in porous media. He receives several research grants and contracts from oil companies and various agencies. He holds 10 patents, and has authored over 150 technical articles, and 3 books. He supervised more than 120 master students and 20 PhD students.
Dr. Yang’s research area and Projects finished are as following:
1. Phase Behavior and PVT study for oil and gas Reservoir
Study on the Phase Behavior and PVT for reservoir oil, phase behavior in condensate gas reservoir, phase behavior for gas reservoir with high CO2 content and phase behavior during CO2 injection.
2. Porosity and permeability property in porous medium
Experiment Study of stress sensitive for deep, HT and HP condensate gas reservoir, the vertical distribution of porosity and permeability, and seepage characteristics in ultra deep gas reservoir.
3. Multiphase Flow in porous medium
Mechanisms and techniques to improve the efficiency of heavy oil steam drive, seepage flow Mechanisms and efficient development techniques for high pour point oil reservoir, heavy oil & waxy oil Flow in porous medium, relative permeability curve at reservoir condition, relative permeability curve by steam flooding, wax and asphaltene deposition in wellbore and formation. 
4. EOR theory on Gas & CO2 flooding
Research on Underground storage and Enhanced oil recovery of carbon dioxide, Study on Gas & CO2 flooding, including CO2 huff and puff process for heavy oil, MMP measurement by gas flooding, relative permeability curve by gas flooding, long-core physical simulation by gas flooding, Gas Foam flooding, Physical simulation For gas flooding in Low permeability reservoir, Numerical simulation and pilot Design. Study on the Polymer flooding, Sweep efficiency physical simulation by polymer flooding, Relative permeability curve by steam flooding.
5. Study on the Unconventional resources:
Experiment Study of seepage mechanism and development technique on CBM, shale gas and tight oil reservoir.
He is SPE Member, Member of Chinese Petroleum Society, Member of Key Lab of Petro-physics and Phase Behavior of CNPC. He received awards such as First prize on research work by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association(2010), National Excellent University Course (Petro-physics, team leader)(2010), outstanding teacher of CUPB in 2008-2010, excellent university course team in Beijing city(Petro-physics, team leader)(2009), Excellent Textbook prize by Petroleum Industry Press and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association(2009), Excellent Textbook for University Education of Beijing city(2006), National Planned Textbook for Tenth Five-year Plan, 2005. Dr. Shenglai YANG has been awarded the SPE Innovative Teaching Award, 2013.
Dr. Yang is assessment expert of the State science and technology prizes (SSTPA), assessment expert of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) & Henry fok for Outstanding Young Teachers. assessment expert of State Council Academic Degree & National Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Course Construction Project. He is reviewer of 11 Journals such as Petroleum Science, Acta Petrolei Sinica, Journal of China University of Petroleum, et al.
2nd ed. 2017
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Petroleum Industry Press

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August 22, 2017
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