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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Quaboag River is a Massachusetts river that heads at Quaboag Pond south of East Brookfield, Massachusetts at an elevation of 594 feet (181 m) MSL. It continues to the CDP of Three Rivers, Massachusetts, at an elevation of 290 feet (88.39 m) MSL. This river receives its name from Quaboag Pond, an Indian name meaning red-water (place or pond). At one time, this pond was called Podunk Pond and, contrary to USGS data (below), this source is not in Southbridge. Early industry started along the Quaboag River downstream from West Brookfield, where the river started a 300-foot (91.44 m) change in elevation providing significant waterpower. Major heavy industry was located in Warren, Massachusetts because of the available waterpower from the river. Many of the dams on the river, used to provide waterpower, were destroyed during floods and not repaired or replaced. Parts of them remain, providing a hint of the river's powerful past.


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Quaboag River

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