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The research focused on the satisfaction level of the employees of public and private sector belonging to different managerial levels, who are subscribed to the health insurance plan benefits provided to them by their respective employers. The study identified the different factors, which influence the level of satisfaction of employees. The study found out the relationships between different demographics and level of satisfaction of employees with the employer based private health insurance plans. Satisfaction was further divided into five dimensions i.e. hospital management, technical competence, personal attention, convenience and insurance cost. Level of satisfaction with Hospital management, technical competence, and personal attention was found to be relatively greater than the other factors. Satisfaction level of employees at different managerial levels was somewhat similar. Male employees and employees working with the companies having more than 500 employees were more satisfied with private health insurance as compared to female employees and employees of small companies having less than 500 emlpoyees.


Author Aamir Sarwar

Author Hamza Qureshi

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Level of Satisfaction with Employer Based Private Health Insurance

Study of Public and Private Sector Employees in Pakistan

Aamir Sarwar

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