Questioning the Bible, God's Existence & All Metaphysical Beliefs

by Firestone, Randall
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Firestone, Randall Questioning the Bible, God's Existence & All Metaphysical Beliefs
Firestone, Randall - Questioning the Bible, God's Existence & All Metaphysical Beliefs

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This book consists of 3 published articles which, taken together, question many fundamental religious beliefs, especially of Christianity and Hinduism, including the beliefs in any metaphysical entities, places or forces-such as God, souls, Heaven and Hell, and karma, and the belief in the accuracy of the Bible and its ability to be taken literally. The first article critiques the seven major arguments supporting a belief in God. The arguments are presented as Inferences to the Best Explanation with the use of charts. The charts graphically demonstrate that naturalistic explanations are being ignored by the theist, who favors inherently unverifiable supernatural explanations over naturalistic ones. The paper also discusses why metaphysical beliefs should not be trusted, and how such beliefs differ from scientific beliefs. The second article argues that there are at least five reasons why the claim that the Bible is to be taken literally defies logic or otherwise makes no sense, including the Interpretation Argument, the Translation Argument, the Exceptions Argument, the Common Sense Argument, and the Contradiction Argument.


Firestone, Randall

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Professor Firestone was a successful trial attorney before becoming a full-time tenured philosophy professor at El Camino College. His past books include "Unraveling the Mysteries of Mysticism" and "Critical Thinking and Persuasive Argument on Things That Really Matter: Politics, Morality, Money & Religion."
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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Paperback book
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July 21, 2015
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