Celtic Wisdom - Wisdom and Blessings from the Celts

by Friederike Küster
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Friederike Küster Celtic Wisdom - Wisdom and Blessings from the Celts
Friederike Küster - Celtic Wisdom - Wisdom and Blessings from the Celts

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Each one of us is given a unique gift – the gift of life. Our task is to make our life into something unique.
Sometimes it doesn’t take all that much to touch someone’s soul. Everybody has their own, very personal heartstrings which resound when somebody plays them in the right way. - Anybody capable of empathy has these heartstrings, and they are some of the most valuable things there are about being human. The Celts had a very special understanding of the meaning of life – in all its complexity, mysticism, excitement, and the range of feelings and thoughts which are part of what it means to be human.
In countries whose populations are still familiar with aspects of Celtic culture, and who therefore view themselves as the heirs to the Celts, much of the realm of ancient feelings and thoughts is still alive today in a very special way – and especially nowadays, people are referring to it more and more. This is particularly the case in Ireland, the Channel Islands, Scotland and parts of France. The wonderful patterns and motifs of ancient Celtic art can be found in many aspects of everyday life there, and are frequently used as decoration.


Friederike Küster

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Küster, Friederike
Friederike Küster was born in Munich in the early 1960s, and grew up as a typical representative of the baby boom generation. Spurred on by the ideals of her family, who encouraged her to be open-minded and curious, education and training have always played an important role in her life alongside her hunger for knowledge and experience.
Books became a significant part of her life at a very early age. Her passion for nature led her to choose a career in landscape gardening, however she was forced to give up her vocation eight years ago due to health problems.
Since then, words, writing and her easel have not only become her friends - they are an enduring part of her life and career as a passionate copywriter and author.
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Celtic Wisdom is an anthology of Celtic blessings, aphorisms and prayers illustrated with pastel drawings from Scotland. All of these elements come together to create a reflection of Celtic culture.

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Paperback book
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March 11, 2015
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