Acquisition of Hebrew/ second language- A Psycholinguistic Perspective

by Abdul Fattah, Nazek Ibrahim
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Abdul Fattah, Nazek Ibrahim Acquisition of Hebrew/ second language- A Psycholinguistic Perspective
Abdul Fattah, Nazek Ibrahim - Acquisition of Hebrew/ second language- A Psycholinguistic Perspective

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This book throws light on Psycholinguistic as an interdisciplinary field where both fields of Linguistics and Psychology complement each other. Psycholinguistics sets down mental processes involved in connecting Language with thinking at the same time of acquisition (such as the processes through which the mind connects a form with a meaning by way of a Language system). It also introduces processes through which one acquires a system of a Language and follows that system. This book proves that acquisition of second Language requires both psychological factor carried out by Explication and Induction and sociological factor (class room). As to applying second Language, Hebrew is taken as an example. It is also a good opportunity to pour out my experience of learning Hebrew in Ein Shams University ( B. A. ) and London University ( PhD). Hence teaching Hebrew as well as Syriac and Aramaic in Arab universities.


Abdul Fattah, Nazek Ibrahim

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Nazek Ibrahim A.Fattah, Professor of Hebrew,Ein Shams Uni. of Egypt. PhD, London University.Books: Lingual & Speech Problems, Psycholinguistic Perspective. Linguistic Comparative Studies between Arabic & Hebrew. Meaning in Interaction, An Introduction to Pragmatics(trans).Highlighting Modern Hebrew Literature. Research on Phonology, Aramaic Papyri.
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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Paperback book
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February 7, 2018
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