The Changing Curriculum - Studies in Social Construction

by Ivor F. Goodson
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Ivor F. Goodson The Changing Curriculum - Studies in Social Construction
Ivor F. Goodson - The Changing Curriculum - Studies in Social Construction

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The Changing Curriculum provides a valuable introduction to the curriculum theories of Ivor F. Goodson. As Kincheloe states, «this paradigm of curriculum study grasps the multi-dimensionality of the relationship between past and present curricular practice. In this context, Goodson recognizes the ties between history, education and politics.» The Changing Curriculum reviews the historical and social emergence of curriculum as a concept and curriculum theory as a practice. The early chapters seek to situate work on curriculum in its full social and ideological context. Later chapters provide examples of this kind of curriculum theory in looking at studies of school subjects and the relationship definitions of curriculum to forms of education, notably the study of American private schools.


Ivor F. Goodson

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The Author: Ivor F. Goodson is Professor of Education in the Warner Graduate School of Education at the University of Rochester, and holds a Chair of Education at the University of East Anglia, in England. He is currently Scholar-in-Residence at Lovejoy Hall at the University of Rochester. He has written widely on Curriculum theory and life history methods. His publications include: School Subjects and Curriculum Change, The Making of Curriculum, Studying School Subjects, Biography Identity and Schooling (with Rob Walker), Studying Teacher's Lives, Through the School House Door, and Studying Curriculum: Cases and Methods. He is also the Founding Editor of The Journal of Education Policy. Recently, he was awarded the W.D. Wilson Fellowship to study education in South Africa. His visit was hosted by the University of Witwatersrand and the University of Cape Town.
"Ivor Goodson has been at the forefront of curriculum studies for the last several decades. This book makes clear why this is the case. His work is among the most thought-provoking and challenging in the field." (Peter McLaren, Professor, UCLA Graduate School of Education, Los Angeles)
"Ivor Goodson is one of the most important scholars at work in the field today. His originality, his interdiscursive sophistication, and his thematic emphases locate him at the cutting edge of the new field. In the new field, history and life history are ascendant discourses; they are important now and will become more so. Goodson's historical interests are unique, informed by life history and politics. And his political theory is embedded in history and life history. Political curriculum theory as we have known it over the past twenty years will disappear after its defeat at the hands of feminist and racial theory, post-structuralism and life history, but the political dimension of curriculum study will reassert themselves in more convincing and complex forms. Goodson's scholarship will be central to these forms. All students of curriculum - especially American - need to attend his seminal work." (William F. Pinar, St. Bernard Parish, Alumni Endowed Professor, Louisiana State University)
"This volume again illustrates Ivor Goodson's central place in the fields of curriculum history and theory. Over the past 15 years, Goodson has helped to transform the study of curriculum from its technocratic-rationalist roots to a more critical, reflective analysis of the history, sociology, and politics of curriculum and curriculum change. At a time when the study of curriculum is dominated by uncritical calls for national standards and assessment, Goodson reminds us of the importance of asking questions about what was, what is, and what ought to be; and to do so in ways that encourage teachers, prospective teachers, and curriculum researchers to examine the power relations that underlie curriculum issues. This book is must reading for educators concerned with understanding the complexity of curriculum as it provides a refreshing alternative to some of the current ahistorical and simplistic examinations of curriculum reform." (Susan F. Semel, Hofstra University)
"'The Changing Curriculum: Studies in Social Construction', Ivor Goodman's collection of ten essays that look at the processes that shape curriculum, is of interest to teachers, students, and researchers who want to understand the social construction process. It is of special value for those who care about the how and why of curriculum." (J.P.S., Harvard Educational Review)
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