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Late in the nineteenth century, a Victorian scientist shows his disbelieving dinner guests a device he claims is a Time Machine. Respectable London scarcely has the imagination to cope with such an idea. But a week later they reconvene to find their friend ragged, exhausted and garrulous. The tale he tells is of the year 802,701, of life as it is lived in exactly the same spot, in what once had been London. He has visited the future of the human race and encountered beings thar are elfin, beautiful, vegetarian, and leading a life of splendid idleness. But this is not the only lifeform that exists in Eden - for in the tunnels beneath paradise lurks man's darker side.


Author H. G. Wells

Editor Stephen Arata

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GTIN 9780393927948

Release Date 17.02.2009

Language English

Pages 288

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.39  inches

Product Weight 9.88 ounces

The Time Machine

An Invention. Authorative Text; Backgrounds and Contexts; Criticism

H. G. Wells


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