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The simplicity of modern communication systems and the existence of internet has enabled exposure of works not imaginably exposable. Internet has made the world a small village. The Afrocentric reading of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart and Charles Mungoshi's Waiting for the Rain is an in-depth analysis, critic and commentary of these authors' works. Chinua Achebe and Charles Mungoshi are the two most prominent Writers in African Literature, and a review of their works has been justified by the widespread readership of their works. This is one reading that both a student and teacher must go through to have a fair view of Afrocentric reading of Africa Literary works.


Author Pinias Verenga

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GTIN 9783659422799

Language English

Pages 92

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.66 x 5.91  inches

Afrocentric Reading of Things Fall Apart and Waiting For The Rain

Chinua Achebe and Charles Mungoshi

Pinias Verenga


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