Introduction to THz Wave Photonics

by Xi-Cheng Zhang
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Xi-Cheng Zhang Introduction to THz Wave Photonics
Xi-Cheng Zhang - Introduction to THz Wave Photonics

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Terahertz (THz) radiation, which is electromagnetic radiation in a frequency int- val from 0.3 to 10 THz (1 mm–30 ?m wavelength), is the next frontier in science and technology. This band occupies a large portion of the electromagnetic sp- trum between the infrared and microwave bands. Basic research, new initiatives, and developments in advanced sensing and imaging technology with regard to the THz band remain unexplored compared to the relatively well-developed science and technology in the microwave and optical frequencies. Historically, THz technologies were used mainly within the astronomy c- munity for studying the background of cosmic far-infrared radiation, and by the laser-fusion community for the diagnostics of plasmas. Since the ?rst demonstration of THz wave time-domain spectroscopy in the late 1980s, there has been a series of signi?cant advances (particularly in recent years) as more intense THz sources and higher sensitivity detectors provide new opportunities for understanding the basic science in the THz frequency range.


Xi-Cheng Zhang
Jingzhou Xu

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Discusses the THz from a historical perspective and provides an overview of existing technology

Provides complete coverage of THz wave spectroscopy and imaging

Discusses 3D THz wave imaging

Includes applications of THz technology in the security field as related to explosives and hazardous materials

Discusses THz applications inthe bio-engineering and biomedical area including, THz spectroscopy of biomolecules, THz wave interaction with organic materials and THz technologies in medical diagnosis

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This book explores the science and technology related to terahertz wave technologies, including the latest research on electromagnetic waves with an introduction to continuous wave THz technology and an emphasis on pulsed THz technology.

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