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In this book, several problems of magneto hydrodynamics (MHD) flow past over single flat plates or parallel plates or through a channel with or without heat and mass transfer are analyzed. Some problems of MHD related to free and forced convective flow are considered to study the effect of Hall current, porosity and concentration. A simple introduction, which requires no advanced mathematics is included and later Maxwell's electromagnetic field equations, equations of continuity, motion and energy are analyzed with different physical conditions. Formal analyses are made using Navier-Stokes equation with simplified versions of Maxwell's equations. Numerical and computational results of influence of several MHD flow parameters and effect of magnetic field on the electrically conducting fluids such as liquid sodium and mercury are presented and discussed in details. The content of the book is intended to serve as an introductory text for the advanced graduate students in physics, applied mathematics and engineering and is also useful for the researchers in theoretical physics, mechanical, aeronautical engineering and metallurgy.


Author Prasan K. Sahoo

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Pages 160

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Magnetohydrodynamics: Modeling and Analysis

Numerical and Computational Methods

Prasan K. Sahoo


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