Visco-Elastic Polymer

Use of Sorbothane on Railway Track to reduce Vibration
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Mikhil Bhavsar Visco-Elastic Polymer
Mikhil Bhavsar - Visco-Elastic Polymer

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The vibrations in railway transport are still an ongoing important issue. As there is increase in speed, size, as well as weight of rail vehicles, the effects of vibrations generated when a train moves also grows. This book aims at analyzing the forms and distributions of vibrations in the actual environment in which they occurs. Buildings located close to transportation experience structure-borne sound and vibration due to passing train which can be disruptive to the operations of sensitive equipment's in manufacturing, and medical facilities, also can be annoying to human occupants in residential, office, and commercial buildings. Though there is a progressing development in new upcoming tracks, there should be improvements in the running tracks as well. To solve the vibration related issues one way is to replace a new rail pad material with Visco-Elastic Material such as sorbothane which is very well known for reducing vibrations. Thus, this will clarify the successful use of most suitable vibration absorbing material.


Author Mikhil Bhavsar

Author Gaurav Khairnar

Author Dinesh Satpute

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GTIN 9786200266378

Release Date 26.08.2019

Language English

Pages 72

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.66 x 5.91  inches

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