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In order to analyze how a successful brand portfolio can be built in the fashion industry, this book gives an overview of the global fashion industry: trends having an impact on the industry are being explained, the main competitors are introduced and their financial performance is being benchmarked. This analysis shows that it is very challenging to extend a brand portfolio by developing brands organically. Rather fashion conglomerates rely on brand acquisitions to extend their brand portfolio. A detailed case study displays Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy''s growth story which has largely been driven by acquisition. Although the company has been successful with many of its acquisitions, the diversification into selective retailing has failed to achieve the desired financial performance and throughout the brand portfolio Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy has yet failed to exploit the brands full potential. The main contribution of this book is a strategic due diligence model for the fashion industry. The systematic review of global, legal, competitive, brand, internal, synergy, marketing, financial and human resources issues will enable fashion conglomerates to invest in the right brands.


Author François Muller

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GTIN 9783639196801

Language English

Pages 72

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.66  inches

Brand portfolio strategies in fashion industries

A study on how to successfully extend a brand portfolio in the fashion industry

François Muller

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