State of the World's Oceans

by Michelle Allsopp
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Michelle Allsopp State of the World's Oceans
Michelle Allsopp - State of the World's Oceans

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The world’s oceans cover 70% of the earth’s surface and are home to a myriad of amazing and beautiful creatures. However, the biodiversity of the oceans is incre- ingly coming under serious threat from many human activities including overfi- ing, use of destructive fishing methods, pollution and commercial aquaculture. In addition, climate change is already having an impact on some marine ecosystems. This book discusses some of the major threats facing marine ecosystems by cons- ering a range of topics, under chapters discussing biodiversity (Chapter 1), fisheries (Chapter 2), aquaculture (Chapter 3), pollution (Chapter 4) and the impacts of increasing greenhouse gas emissions (Chapter 5). It goes on to explore solutions to the problems by discussing equitable and sustainable management of the oceans (Chapter 6) and protecting marine ecosystems using marine reserves (Chapter 7). Presently, 76% of the oceans are fully or over-exploited with respect to fishing, and many species have been severely depleted. It is abundantly clear that, in general, current fisheries management regimes are to blame for much of the widespread degradation of the oceans. Many policy-makers and scientists now agree that we must adopt a radical new approach to managing the seas – one that is precautionary in nature and has protection of the whole marine ecosystem as its primary objective. This ‘ecosystem-based approach’ is vital if we are to ensure the health of our oceans for future generations.


Michelle Allsopp
Stefan E. Pambuccian
Paul Johnston
David Santillo

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xiv, 258p.

Provides a review of scientific literature on environmental issues facing the oceans

Covers a wide range of topics to illustrate the breadth of threats from human activities facing the marine environment

Links environmental issues with policy perspectives and processes of marine environmental protection

Draws upon the unique expertise of Greenpeace in its work to protect the world’s oceans

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Springer Netherland
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1957 wurde Paul Johnston in Edinburgh, Schottland, geboren. Bereits sein Vater Ronald war ein erfolgreicher Thriller-Autor. Er selber begann 1989 mit dem Schreiben, als er auf die kleine Insel Antiparos in der griechischen Ägäis zog. Heute lebt er mit seiner Frau und seinen Töchtern abwechselnd in Griechenland und England.
From the reviews:

"A very comprehensive assessment of where we are in terms of the major threats to the seas of the world ... a very valuable book, particularly for undergraduate level" ( Professor Martin J. Attrill, Professor of Marine Ecology, Associate Head of School (Research): Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre, School of Biological Sciences, University of Plymouth, UK)

"Timely, well-informed and exhaustively referenced" ( Dr. Mark Everard, Visiting Research Fellow, University of West of England, Independent sustainability consultant, author and broadcaster)

"The chapters on equity and greenhouse effects on marine environments provide information and perspective that will be new to many readers ... . Anyone interested in perils facing marine habitats, resources, and uses can learn much from this book ... . Summing Up: Recommended. ... Upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and general readers." (S. R. Fegley, Choice, Vol. 46 (11), July, 2009)

"This book provides a review of major issues relating to marine ecosystems. ... The most recent citations in the reference list are from 2007 ... . The book will be of interest to students of marine conservation policy and governance as an example of viewing a complex set of management problems through a single sectoral prism." (Richard Kenchington, Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 17, December, 2010)
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Drawing upon the unique expertise of Greenpeace, this book provides a contemporary overview of the world’s oceans. The book covers a wide range of topics to illustrate the breadth of threats from human activities facing the marine environment.

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